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Evaluation of strategies for estimating residual neutral-atmosphere propagation delay in high precision Global Positioning System data analysis
Real-time orbit improvement for GPS satellites
Application of robustness analysis to large geodetic networks
An analysis of a worldwide status for monitoring and analysis of dam deformation
Dynamic monitoring with video systems
A regional model for the prediction of ionospheric delay for single frequency users of the Global Positioning System
Design and analysis of the vertical control for the Superconducting Super Collider Project in Texas
Marine Information Management Systems
Determination of earth rotation parameters and adjustment of a global geodetic positioning system
Land registration
The land surveyor in a distributed information environment
A new navigation filter
Development of the automatic data management and the analysis of integrated deformation measurements
GPS subsidence study of the Costa Bolivar Oil Fields, Venezuela
A seamless vertical-reference surface for acquisition, management and ECDIS display of hydrographic data
The effect of physical correlations on the ambiguity resolution and accuracy estimation in GPS differential postioning
Computational and geometrical aspects of on-the-fly ambiguity resolution
Compilation of a precise regional geoid
GPS tides
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