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Remote sensing and GIS integration
Nominal and extreme error performance of the UNB3 tropospheric delay model
Practical testing and evaluating of the EOS PhotoModeler ®, an off-the-shelf digital close range photogrammetric software package
Festchrift in honour of Adam Chrzanowski
Performance analysis of GPS attitude determination in a hydrographic survey launch
Photogrammetric investigation into low-resolution digital camera systems
Evaluation of gravity data for the Stokes-Helmert solution to the geodetic boundary-value problem
An examination of alternative compensation methods for the removal of the ridging effect from digital terrain model data files
A proposed submarine electronic chart display and information system
In search of chaotic elements in the Bay of Fundy water level measurements
The calibration of shallow water multibeam echo-sounding systems
Advanced mission planning tool for real-time kinematic (RTK) GPS surveying
Development and testing of in-context confidence regions for geodetic survey networks
Sound speed variations in the Arabian Gulf and their effect on multibeam echo sounding
Harvest tracking and navigation with GPS
Product specifications for marine information objects
OTF DGPS for estuarien dredging and sounding surveys
A case study of the production of an S-57 ENC with CARIS tools
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