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Immigrant entrepreneurs' intentions and motivations: the case of South Korean immigrant entrepreneurs in Saint John
The impact of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) on the export of Machinery and Transportation Equipment (M&TE) from Canada to European Union (EU) countries
Continuous improvement methodologies in the public service sector of solid waste management: a New Brunswick case study
The interownership index
Stock price prediction via deep belief networks
Examining correlations between student debt levels and financial literacy
An exploratory study of knowledge-seeking behaviour of New Brunswick entrepreneurs
Revising the system of corporate tax loss transfers in Canada
Persistence and entrepreneurial success
A convexity adjusted duration gap model to measure interest rate risk application to a hypothetical small bank
Online branding project
Should I stay or should I go? employability in educational orientations
Residential customer behaviour change through Facebook practices in electrical power utility sector
Innovation policy and regional economic development: an overview of the cybersecurity sector in New Brunswick
Experiences with the online format in the MBA program at the Faculty of Management at the University of New Brunswick
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