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A study on measuring designers' cognitive processes
Development and characterization of new feedstock from biomass blends
Modeling and simulation of transfemoral amputee gait
Space-Time Parallelization of Fluid Dynamics Simulations
Analysis and synthesis methods for the appropriate design of parallel mechanisms
The design and test of an anthropomorphic hand prosthesis with multigrasp capability
Hydrodynamic loads on axisymmetric bodies with casings in translation
Numerical simulation of ducted and non-ducted tidal turbines using actuator line method
Unsteady computational fluid dynamics simulations of six degrees-of-freedom submarine manoeuvres
Internal redundancy: an approach to improve dynamic parameters of parallel manipulators
Droplet transport in a turbulent wake flow
A new computationally efficient formulation of non-linear predictive controller for dynamically rapid industrial applications
Dynamics of coherent structures in turbulent flow over a backwards-facing step
Design, fabrication, testing and usage of magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance imaging compatible metallic core holders
General proper orthogonal decomposition, modal correction, inter-modal interactions, and sequencing
Predicting the transient hydrodynamic loads on submarine hulls in unsteady maneuvers
Numerical simulation of microwave processing of biomass materials
Tool breakout investigation in drilling using feed and cutting energy
A comprehensive study on the mechanical properties and microstructure of 18Ni-300 maraging steel produced with various process parameters via powder bed fusion technique
Control architecture for biped robots based on contraction analysis
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