Senior Reports

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The Senior Report collection contains final undergraduate-level reports from the Faculties of Engineering, Computer Science, Forestry and Environmental Management, and Science. Spanning six decades, the collection features records, fully scanned documents, and new digital versions of over 6000 reports.

Access to the full-text of these records is restricted to the UNB Community and requires valid UNB authentication to access. Logging in to the UNB Scholar Research Repository requires the same username and password as your UNB email and eServices. Only metadata will be viewable to those outside UNB.

Title Author(s) Discipline Datesort ascending
Tethered water power electrical generator O'Rourke, McAllen, Gant Mechanical Engineering 2017
Gliding transfer board version 2 Al-Mahdi, Carson, Alsharif Mechanical Engineering 2017
Double inverted pendulum Boucher, Chevarie, Dobbelsteyn, Parrott Mechanical Engineering 2017
Design and analysis of a water cooling system Almuaqem, Lewis, Munford Mechanical Engineering 2017
Prosthetic device for monkey bars and gymnastic equipment Bryden, Campbell, Tremblay, Craib Mechanical Engineering 2017
Drumstick brush manufacturing unit Palghat, McPhee Mechanical Engineering 2016
Computational fluid dynamics windfarm design Verhoeven, Tees, Torunski Mechanical Engineering 2016
Science East harmonograph Smith, McWilliams, Uddin Mechanical Engineering 2016
Drumstick brush manufacturing unit Palghat, McPhee Mechanical Engineering 2016
Lead handling system for the Northside Pistol Range Daigle, Marquis, Thibodeau Mechanical Engineering 2016


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