Instrumented racetrack (Science East)

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University of New Brunswick


The following report details the entire work done to complete the instrumented racetrack project assigned by the client “Science East” and the University of New Brunswick Mechanical Engineering faculty. The report is the final report which was submitted on March 27th. The report addresses the groups work to formulate several different options for the main components of the project: the track, the starting gate, and the timing sensor system. Background research for each of these components was conducted, computer models of the track were created with different materials and the group conducted stress analysis and failure simulation. A final design was chosen from a number of decision matrices, for each of the main components of the project. The materials and budget were finalized and confirmation from the client was received. An in-depth project schedule was created to ensure each milestone was completed on time, along with the major objectives and key tasks that must be completed. A detailed circuit diagram was created and the creation of the circuit is complete. The required materials were ordered and the construction of the racetrack has been completed. As stated above the team has completed the final report by March 27th, and all aspects of the design have been completed including the testing of each component. Overall, the team met all of the course requirements on time and to the specifications required.