A study of 20-30 year old balsam fir cutovers in New Brunswick

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University of New Brunswick


The purpose of this paper is to analyse the data collected in a recent survey of 20-30 year old cutovers in the province of New Brunswick with special emphasis on regeneration and yield. The point centered quarter method was used for the collection of the regeneration data along with stem analysis measurements designed to collect data on height and diameter growth rates. The yield of the New Brunswick cutovers was compiled and presented in a table (Table 2) for comparison with three other yield tables applicable to New Brunswick. The comparison with Westveld and Nova Scotia Yield Tables indicated below normal densities for regenerated stands. Very little difference existed in growth rates throughout the province, however, densities varied quite markedly from 600 to 2900 stems per acre. The projected average yield at age 50 was very low (only 14 cunits/ac.) with some stands being inoperable due to low yields and low average diameters (3.7 inches at 40 years). The condition of the cutovers indicated the need for cleanings and thinnings to increase merchantable yield and raise mean diameters.