Investigation of fire flow requirements and available water supply on the UNB campus

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University of New Brunswick


The first objective of this report was to determine the fire flow requirements of the Lady Dunn/Tibbits Residences and the Incutech Buildings on campus. This was done using the Insurance Services Office (ISO) method. Next, the report investigated the quantity of fire flow that is available to these buildings. This portion of the report was completed by conducting fire flow tests at the Incutech and lady Dunn buildings. The results of this portion of the investigation revealed that the available fire flows in the field are less than those flows that are required. Therefore, the report looked into possible solutions of this problem and determined that one possible solution would be to install a line from Marshall D'Avaray Hall to Lady Dunn. This would increase the fire flows in the lower system and provide an alternate source of water to the lower system. A computer model of the distribution system was also developed using Kentucky Pipe. This model was used in evaluating the different possible improvements to the current system.