An evaluation of the biological and economical aspects of softwood seedlings produced in New Brunswick

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University of New Brunswick


1981 Biological and economical aspects of growing container and bare-root seedlings in New Brunswick are evaluated. Information was obtained from the literature and by personal communication with experts in the field of seedling production. Container types used in the Province are: Japanese Paperpot FH 408; Styroblock 2, 2A, 4 and 8; Can-Am Multipot and Spencer-Lemaire Root Trainer. Bare-root stock consists of seedbed and transplant seedlings. Quality standards for seedlings are being developed and utilized within the Province. Further information is needed with regard to seedling quality and survival after outplanting. The Department of Natural Resources has had better success with container stock than bare-root stock. This could be due to the high density of seedbed seedlings. Production costs vary with the quantity and type of seedlings produced. A summer crop of container seedlings has the lowest production cost. Transplant seedlings are the most expensive to produce.