Single angle shear connections

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University of New Brunswick


A series of tests on single angle connections have been performed to provide background information for a PhD research project underway at the University of New Brunswick. Twelve single angle connections with one leg welded to a column flange and the other bolted to a beam web were subjected to pure shear. The parameters under consideration are the angle thickness and the bolt line gauge distance. The stiffness of a single angle connection increases with angle thickness and shorter gauge distances. Yielding occurs at higher load levels for stiffer connections, resulting in smaller deflections. The two limit states that were observed included bolt shear fracture and net section failure of the connecting angle. The ultimate capacity of the connection was also determined to be on average, twice as much as the calculated design values. In addition, the test setup used in this study proved to be effective in subjecting simple confections to pure shear, in addition to being a simple an economical setup.