Traditional knowledge on weather forecasting of the Mizo tribe and its relevance in climate change

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University of New Brunswick


Climate change has brought about global shifts in weather patterns resulting in drought, floods, landslide, and other disasters every year. Many researchers highlight the importance of traditional knowledge for combating climate change. However, studies regarding this topic are limited with only a few researchers studying the traditional knowledge of the people of the region. This study collects the traditional weather prediction methods of the Mizo tribe of India by interviewing 16 people. Different indicators were collected including animals, plants, and celestial bodies. This study highlights how the tribal population observe the changes in the environment around them and predict different weather. With modern weather prediction becoming more accessible and reliable there is a decrease on dependency of traditional weather predictions. With the increase on reliance on modern technologies the knowledge is not passed on to the newer generation and there is a risk of specific knowledge getting lost and forgotten.