Provenance study on till clast lithology in the Millville Map area (N.T.S. 21 J/3), New Brunswick, and the relevance to geochemical gold anomalies

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University of New Brunswick


A study on till clast lithology dispersal patterns was undertaken in the Millville Map sheet area to determine factors involved in the origin of three till matrix geochemical gold anomalies, in the Staples Settlement area. The anomalies were previously discovered during a standard Department of Natural Resources and Energy till geochemical survey, at one sample per 2 km spacing. The clast study was performed using till clasts collected from 307 sample sites and supplemented from previous studies performed within the province of New Brunswick. The dispersal patterns for the clast lithologies indicate a south-southeastward flow direction from known sources. This flow direction is supported by orientation of glacial striae within the area. The maximum distance of clast dispersal exceeds 12 km from the source outcrop. These results enabled the origin of the gold anomalies to be estimated as originating within a 3 - 6 km radius of the Staples Settlement area in a north-northwestward direction on a bearing of approximately 320°.