Drumstick brush manufacturing unit

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University of New Brunswick


Group 1 of the Mechanical Engineering Senior Design class is tasked with designing a unit for manufacturing drumstick brushes: a percussion instrument. This report contains the culmination of all progress in the design and construction completed this school term. The group experienced changes in team composition which were necessary to move forward with the project. Most of the work accomplished for the project centered on finalizing the machine design which involves many different components that operate simultaneously to produce a drumstick brush. An iterative approach was taken in designing the machine and the results of each iteration are documented and evaluated for their merits. Testing samples was a necessary part in completing the design as there existed unknowns regarding materials used in the drumstick brush. The experimental results of the testing are also documented. Work made toward producing a working prototype for the client was delayed due to complications on the design proposal; however, a detailed workshop procedure is included to provide an accurate record of all workshop activity accomplished.