A traffic utilization study for the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital

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University of New Brunswick


A traffic utilization study was conducted at the D.E.C.H. to examine the issue involving the parking facilities presently provided and to determine if additional parking spaces are required. The information obtained from the field studies together with the effect of future developments has been determined and provides a complete assessment of the hospital's vehicular transportation system needs. It was determined that there presently exists a lack of adequate parking spaces. This shortfall is partially attributable to a relatively large number of staff requiring parking. The proposed construction of a two-storey addition to the hospital will result in a loss of 99 parking spaces and the addition of beds and staff scheduled as of March, 1987, will further compound the parking problem. It is concluded that an additional 210 spaces are required to provide an acceptable level of service for both hospital personnel and the public. This will improve the traffic flow within the hospital's vehicular transportation system and meet the demand that is evident.