Creep in reinforced concrete subject to freezing and thawing

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University of New Brunswick
The subject of creep of reinforced concrete beams at room temperature has been the subject of considerable research, however, l i t t l e work has been done on the e f f e c t of freezing and thawing. Recent work i n the Soviet Union indicates that freezing and thawing can s i g n i f i c a n t l y increase the d e f l e c t i o n of h e a v i l y loaded beams. This work w i l l develop t e s t i n g techniques and conduct preliminary t e s t s that w i l l form part of the t e s t i n g program to v e r i f y Soviet f i n d i n g s . Recommendations for improvements to the t e s t program and apparatus w i l l be made.