Science East Tug of War

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University of New Brunswick


Science East is a science center with the main goal of complimenting the theory taught in the classroom with science and engineering based experiments and exhibits. One of the main attractions, the Tug of War Machine, is getting old, run down, and lacks a certain level of visually educational features. The goal of this project is to teach children about how pulleys provide a mechanical advantage to move heavy loads. The design solution for this project was an aluminum welded frame and transparent Lexan glass. These material choices made this design lighter and more educational by allowing the pulley system to be viewed from all directions. The pulley system was changed from a mechanical advantage of 4 to a mechanical advantage of 5. This allowed the group to shorten the exhibit reducing the overall footprint and weight of the exhibit. The group selected a linear motion system to enable one of the pulleys to move to make the tug of war possible. This new exhibit is more durable and more aesthetically pleasing then the current exhibit and is a great addition to Science East.