Development and feasibility analysis of topsoil replacement

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University of New Brunswick


Topsoil from agricultural land is becoming depleted in New Brunswick. There is a need for a substitute for topsoil that will perform exactly or similarly to natural topsoil. There is a need to determine if a topsoil replacement would be feasible by considering the market as well as the overall operations for manufacturing it. Therefore a selection of material must be studied and researched thoroughly that could be used to emulate natural topsoil. The selection of ingredients that are considered would be evaluated using certain criteria and the best overall mixture would be created. The market would be evaluated to determine i f there is a need for the topsoil and what the demand in New Brunswick is. All the factors such as the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are for a topsoil replacement business. All the operations would be included in the report to establish the overall process of topsoil manufacturing. This would include gathering the raw materials, to processing them, and finally how and when they would be delivered to the consumer. A conclusion on whether topsoil replacement is feasible would be established. This would be determined through financial performance analysis. Any recommendations would follow the conclusions.