Dynamic monitoring with video systems

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While close range photogrammetry has been widely applied for static deformation analysis, video cameras have many characteristics that make them the senors of choice for dynamic analysis of rapidly changing situations. The also have limitations. This study explores the potential of a video system for monitoring dynamic objects. The system consists of two camcorders, VCR and PC with frame grabber. To analyze the characteristics of the camcorders, the preliminary tests were conducted with still and moving targets. Then, to estimate the performance of this system for vibrations, a car was imaged covering several phases when starting to drive. The sequential images of a moving car were recorded on VCR. 15 images per seconds were digitized in an off-line mode by frame grabber. The image coordinates of targets attached to the rear bumper of a car were acquired by IDRISI, and the object coordinates were derived based on DLT. This study suggests that home video cameras, PC, and photogrammetric principles are promising tools for monitoring of moving objects and vibrations as well as other time dependent situations.