An analytical assessment of a precommercially thinned mixed hardwood stand

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University of New Brunswick


Precommercial thinning is a viable silvicultural technique which can be used to improve hardwood growth and quality. A mixed hardwood stand located 20 km north of Fredericton, New Brunswick, was precommercially thinned using a hydro-ax which cleared 2.4 m wide corridors and left leavestrips which were thinned manually using brush saws. A study was carried out to determine the biological effectiveness of the treatment compared to an untreated control area. Results of the study indicated that the parameters under study such as dominant height, biomass, mean diameter and basal area had higher values for the control area than for the treated area. These results do not imply that the treatment was ineffective, but rather that the treatment was improperly directed. Proper prescription and timing of silvicultural treatments is important in getting desirable increases in growth. Key words: biological effectiveness, control area, hydroax, mixed hardwoods, precommercial thinning, proper presciption, treated area