Newton's Cradle

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University of New Brunswick


The final design report provides the final design performed by Group 12. The design includes the necessary background research on the Newton’s Cradle project as well as identifying the specifications and constraints. A feasibility study of constraint resolutions was performed and can be found in the report. The design process is outlined from initial concepts to the construction of the exhibit. The project objective is to design a fully functioning Newton’s Cradle Exhibit for Science East. As Science East is a museum, the exhibit must also provide a learning experience of the physics and mechanics that allow the Newton’s Cradle to perform the elegant motions it does. In order to complete the provided task, background research was performed to develop a clear understanding of how the product functions. After identifying the key components and design requirements of the product, constraints and design specifications were generated. An analysis was performed on these design constraints and specifications to determine solutions on how they can be resolved. In order to remain on schedule with the design process a task list and GANTT chart were created laying out the product design process. The report outlines the design process of the three components of the final design; Newton’s balls, interconnections and the frame.