Active transportation and vehicle traffic travel demand study for UNB

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University of New Brunswick


This report synthesizes the results of a travel demand study that was conducted for both Fredericton and Saint John UNB campuses. The need for this study derived from UNB’s “Toward 2030 Strategic Plan,” when UNB’s Transportation Task Force was tasked with developing principles for campus-specific transportation plans. This study aids this task by collecting travel demand data for UNB. For seventeen days, the study looked at key entry points at UNB’s campuses. The total two-way travel demand observed in terms of average daily traffic was 16276 vehicles, 2482 pedestrians, and 36 cyclists at the Fredericton campus, and 4305 vehicles, 45 pedestrians, and 8 cyclists at the Saint John campus. Trip rates were then generated that were compared to ITE’s Trip rates. This comparison found that since ITE’s trip rate models are based on a limited data set, trip estimates for smaller universities may fall outside the range of existing models.