A mineralogical assessment for copper potential of Expatriate Resources' Ice Property, Yukon Territory

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University of New Brunswick


Many companies were exploring southeastern Yukon Territory near Finlayson Lake, approximately 400 km east of Whitehorse (Figure 1.0). They are working in a zone of volcanogenic massive sulphides which proved to be prosperous for Cominco Ltd. who holds the rights to Kudz Ze Kayah deposit, and Westmin Resources Ltd. and Atna Resources Ltd. who together discovered the Wolverine deposit. One of the major claim holders in the area is Expatriate Resources (Figure 1.1). Expatriate Resources Ltd. intersected high grade copper mineralization in diamond drill core at their Ice property (Figure 1.1). The study presented in this report attempted to identify and describe mineral assemblages, textures and relationships and variations in these from the copper-bearing of the Ice property. Several copper phases were identified using microscopy and X-ray poweder diffractometry techniques. Several replacement textures were noted (chalcocite replacing chalcopyrite). Refer to Section 3.0 for results. Native copper was identified under the reflected light microscope and under the scanning electron microscope. The results from this study suggest that the Ice property has definite copper potential; however, a source for this copper is yet unknown.