Capabilities of Clark 880 ranger skidder on sharkfin barrel scarification

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University of New Brunswick


Brunswick International Paper Company on the application of the Clark 8SO Ranger skidder to sharkfin barrel scarification. The location of study areas within the province were Boiestown, Charlo and Mulligan. The program of sharkfin barrel scarification is discussed in depth at the Dalhousie Woodlands Division with respect to the power components and the drag components employed. Daily performance records were kept for four months to analyze machine performance, production and availability. During the first month, the Clark S80 Ranger operated in conjunction with a conventional D7G Caterpillar tractor for comparison of machine performances on scarification operation. Average production of the Clark 880 Ranger over the study period was more than doubled that of the D7G tractor, being 4.10 as opposed to 2.0 acres/hour, respectively. Side conditions proceeding harvesting was the main variable affecting production. In comparison with the D7G tractor, the Clark 880 Ranger has more than proved its expectation on scarification operations by doubling production and reducing scarification costs/acre by half.