A blockchain-based privacy-preserving medical insurance storage system

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University of New Brunswick


Blockchain technology is an innovative invention that is disrupting many industries including business and healthcare. In this thesis, we propose a blockchain-based privacy-preserving medical insurance storage system. This system takes advantage of the decentralization and immutability properties of blockchain technology, and makes use of a (2,3)-threshold secret sharing scheme to achieve the privacy-preservation property. In an experimental setup of the system, there are a public blockchain, a patient, four hospitals - an owner hospital and three helper hospitals, and an insurance company. For a patient, any hospital can become the owner hospital while the other three become helpers. The owner hospital holds the spending records of the patients and publishes that data to the blockchain. The helper hospitals help the insurance company to query for the patient’s spending data on the blockchain and perform homomorphic computations on the results. However, the helpers cannot learn anything about the patient’s spending data, as long as there is no collusion between helpers. We deploy our system on the Ethereum blockchain and give a final performance evaluation.