Science East pulley chairs

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University of New Brunswick


This report serves as a final report for Science East Centre’s Pulley Chair project by Group 16 as part of their fulfilment of ME4680 Senior Design. The purpose of this report is to provide a detailed analysis of the pulley system interactive display that we as a group will construct for Science East Centre. The pulley systems used in lifting a person while sitting on the chair reduces the force needed compared to the weight of the person sitting on the chair. All parts related to building the pulley systems have been described in detail and drawings have been incorporated with the required specifications. Detailed design specifications and operating parameters were finalized, and the theories behind the design were discussed. Calculations were performed to validate the theory and have been explained in details. A Gantt chart has been incorporated to illustrate the project progress and a budget has been added to estimate the overall project cost. Various safety aspects related to final design, construction and installation of the assemblies at site were discussed and taken into consideration during the design. The report includes a breakdown of the construction progress of the project so far and an Installation, Operation and Maintenance (IOM) manual have been incorporated with the required specifications. In order to better understand the construction progress and workshop procedures photographs have been included as a visual aid in this report. Future work of the project have been laid out which includes final assembly of the pulley chair and painting.