Lever exhibit for Science East

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University of New Brunswick


The application of a lever is used every day. This device makes lifting things easier and is physically very simple. Conveying how levers work to visitors of Science East is important because of how common the use of levers is in everyday life. Based on a meeting with the client, Michael Edwards at Science East, preliminary research and brainstorming sessions a device that will allow the staff at Science East convey to visitors, and children exactly how a lever effects mechanical advantage has been designed. An educational exhibit that is safe to use and is durable was designed and built for Science East through the completion of this project. From initial sketches through to CAD drawings and calculations a device was designed. The plans were then put into action and the device was fabricated at Department of Mechanical Engineering machine shop at the University of New Brunswick (UNB). The culmination of this work was displayed at the UNB’s 3rd annual Design Symposium on March 30, 2017. The device was then handed over to Science East.