Optimizing transmission for human-powered exercise vehicle

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University of New Brunswick


This is a final report on the design of optimizing the transmission of a human powered vehicle called the “Rolling Gym”. The rolling gym was optimized in order to eliminate the dead zones in operating the handlebars of the device as well as increasing the resistance that the vehicle requires. The vehicle fundamentally incorporates a mixture of an exercising machine as well as a transportation device. The device was designed in a way that any user would be able to have a proper, safe and efficient workout. In addition, the device would also allow the user to travel from point A to point B while having a workout at the same time. In order to optimize the existing transmission system, freewheels that were used in the device were changed from ratcheting freewheels to two large 72- teeth sprockets in order to eliminate the dead zones. This would thus, increase the resistance of the vehicle and also enable the user to have adequate exercise while the device is in usage. Furthermore, a telescopic handle was constructed to allow the user to have a flexibility of exercise routines. Other activities that were undertaken during the project include the installation of brake and gear changing mechanisms, and a neutral transmission position for the device such that the user would be able to operate the vehicle in a safe manner.