Universal CNC machining centre

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University of New Brunswick


This document is the Final Report for the CNC Machining Centre developed by Group 12 for Dr. Simoneau and Dr. Losier. This report consolidates all aspects of the project and includes all the components of previous status reports. The sections from the previous reports have been modified to provide further details where necessary, and to provide updated details on project development. The report outlines the finalized design and presents the process for assembly, testing, and calibration. The manufacturing process steps are described in detail; this report supplies enough information for a manufacturer to move forward and begin construction of the mechanical structure based on the drawings and specifications. This report also contains a section regarding system controls, which details electrical developments for the completed device. This includes details on the process, transfers, signals and interfaces. Software requirements have been detailed along with required support hardware. A detailed budget for all procured components has been provided along with a schedule for the execution of the build. Also provided in this document is a Gantt chart, which outlines the construction timeline, including testing, spanning the duration of the eight-month project culminating with the UNB Engineering Design Symposium. Additional documents containing an Instruction & Maintenance Manual as well as a Safety Assessment have been appended to this document. A concise overview and summary of the design’s key features can be found in Appendix A.