Construction productivity analysis

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University of New Brunswick


Construction productivity is rapidly becoming a topic of primary interest to management and officials in the construction industry. As contract work becomes scarce in times of recession, construction companies must be more productive in order to be awarded contracts as the low bidder. The measurement and documentation of productivity and the analysis of trends are required if productivity in the construction industry is to be better understood. This report completed the analysis of a productivity questionnaire that was distributed to active members in the construction industry in all four of the Atlantic provinces. The author distributed the questionnaire in the provinces of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, with New Brunswick and Newfoundland previously canvassed. The questionnaire asked for general information in order to catagorize the respondents, to rate factors as to their importance in maintaining maximum productivity, and also asked to rate the same factors as they pertain to the construction industry in their province. The questionnaire was created and initially distributed in the province of New Brunswick by a graduate student, Mr. Kevin Lemon. It was then distributed in the province of Newfoundland by Mr. Chris Power as part of his senior report in Civil Engineering at the University of New Brunswick. An index to measure the respondents was created by Mr valid i ty. general productivity of the Lemon and is analysed for its The last section of the report examines productivity in highway construction indicating the role and influence of technological advancements.