The use of the Delphi Method in the evaluation of skid resistance

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University of New Brunswick


The New Brunswick Department of Transportation has not conducted skid resistance testing since 1987. At that time, because of economic reasons, skid testing was considered expendable. The New Brunswick Department of Transportation used the locked wheel skid trailer test to measure skid resistance, a test that was both expensive and time consuming. Skid resistance does have an important role in pavement management systems. There is a correlation between skid resistance and driver safety. Generally the higher the skid resistance of a pavement surface, the better the stopping ability of a vehicle. Government agencies have a duty to provide safe roads for drivers. Although a full skid resistance testing program is not an option due to fiscal constraints, less expensive testing programs may provide the answer to the need for skid testing. The objective of this senior report project was to develop a quick, inexpensive and relatively accurate method of evaluating skid resistance through a method of technological forecasting. The Delphi Method uses the opinions of a group of knowledgeable individuals. The group works independently, with the ultimate goal of reaching a common result. Through photographs, statistical measures and a minimal amount of background information, the panel in the Delphi survey for this project estimated the skid values for ten different pavement segments. There are numerous ways to incorporate a Delphi survey into the evaluation of roads for skid resistance. This project attempts to determine if the Delphi Method is a suitable method for evaluating skid resistance of pavement surfaces.