Automated target retrieval system

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University of New Brunswick


Don Goodine, owner of the Northside Pistol Range has asked that a system be designed to carry a pistol target up and down range while being fully controlled by the shooter in his/her own booth. To accomplish this task a design was proposed and the findings are presented in this report. The design consists of the following components: A 9 inch wide, structural steel, C- Channel track that runs the length of the shooting bunker, a symmetrical cart that carries the target, and a drive system containing an AC motor, gearbox, pulley system, and drive cable. The cart is driven by a cable and pulley drive system with a AC Motor as the drive mechanism. In this report, a background of the existing state of the range is explained, along with a summary of existing technology similar to what is being designed. The design is described in full detail, including written explanations of each component, a summary of how each part will work together, and a set of computer aided engineering drawings.