Instrumentation and deformation measurement of Charlotte County Culvert No. 2 using ShapeArray technology

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University of New Brunswick


DE03 (Route 127) Culvert No. 2, is an existing corrugated steel pipe (CSP) culvert in Charlotte County, southwest New Brunswick, chosen for load test, field instrumentation with ShapeArray and LiDAR monitoring in this project. In this study, ShapeArray (SAA), was mounted inside the pipe in a circular orientation and utilized to record displacement in the middle of the culvert. Field work consisted of performing static and dynamic loading tests using NBDTI standard test vehicle, with only static loading test results presented in this study. Twenty static load tests were completed, ten times in each traffic direction. In addition to the SAA data, Laser Scanning survey method (LiDar) was used to assess culvert deformation along the culvert. The tests showed that the culvert's crown deflected more than other locations along the circumference of the pipe, with a maximum displacement of 0.04 mm, which is extremely small. Both SAA and LiDar showed good agreement with respect to the pipe performance and the data from these two different independent approaches was internally consistent.