An analysis of a mechanized tree length logging system in Northwestern Ontario

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University of New Brunswick


As a result of time studies conducted by American Can, Canadian Woodlands, on their feller bunchers and grapple skidders, the following report was compiled. It considers the cause and effects of the derived Mechanical Availability and Machine Utilization. It goes on to investigate individual machine problems and their possible causes. Comparison of machine types are made from the time study data, and recommendation directed at solving the problems involved are listed followed by the conclusion that can be drawn from the overall analyses. The tree length logging system involves three Koehring Feller Bunchers, two of which were converted from Koehring Shortwood Harvesters. The other machines are two John Deere 740 Grapple Skidders as well as a Timberjack 520 Grapple Skidder; and a Hvdro Ax 511 Chain Flail Delimber. American Can Woodlands is located in Northern Ontario. Keywords: Time Studies, American Can, Mechanical Availability, Machine Utilization, Tree Length Logging System, Koehring Feller Buncher, Converted Koehring Short-wood Harvester, John Deere 74 0, Timberjack 52 0 Grapple Skidder, Northern Ontario,