Fault systems of the southern Thor-Odin Dome, Monashee Mountains, British Columbia

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University of New Brunswick


The southern Thor-Odin dome, making up part-0fthe Monashee-complex, is located in the south-eastern Canadian Cordillera, British Columbia. The Thor-Odin dome essentially comprises two lithological -domains, the basement gneisses and cover rocks. The basement gneisses dominantly are migmatitic, biotite-quartz-feldspar gneisses divided into; heterogeneous, metasedimentary gneisses and a homogeneous granitic gneiss. The cover rocks are dominantly comprised of quartzite, pelitic and calcareous schists/gneisses and interlayered with quartzite, amphibolite and marble. During the 2001 field season, five orientated samples were collected, of which, three were sectioned and utilized in this study. Structural data was collected throughout the field season and is consistent with the analysis of the samples. Also, throughout the 2001- 2002 academic year, airphoto and satellite interpretation was carried -out resulting in five groups of major faults, that are penetrative in the southern Thor-Odin dome. Explanation of the faults required a tectonic model, which invokes a full body rotation of the Monashee complex. Fault classifications and the tectonic model are consistent with the