The preliminary design of a multi level parking structure for the University of New Brunswick

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University of New Brunswick


This report is a comprehensive look at the design process of a parking structure for the University of New Brunswick. The parking facility is designed using precast-prestressed and precast components. The report covers a broad scope of material related to the design project. The variables considered during the design process are discussed in detail. A discussion of the preliminary research performed in preparation of the structural design allows the reader to gain insight into the University of New Brunswick situation. The project is divided into two main areas: functional design and structural design. The functional design aspects address traffic related issues and determine the required size of the proposed facility. Safety consideration have become very important in parking structure design in recent years, therefore, one chapter has been devoted to safety. The structural design aspects deals with the selection of structural system, the components of the design, and the assembly of theses components. The report concludes with a brief look at the cost considerations of the proposed structure, and a section of conclusions and recommendations.