A critique of cosmopolitan integration in the European Union: demographic and political decline of native europeans

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University of New Brunswick


My research aimed to address one central question: why are indigenous Europeans becoming demographic and political minorities in European nation-states? I approached this by investigating the geopolitical and ideological factors, both historical and contemporary, behind the development of the European Union project. My research demonstrates that the European Union, and its attempts towards a Euro-Mediterranean Union, is a politically engineered cosmopolitan project rooted in anti-nationalism, the erasure of ethno-national identities, and the severing of political power and sovereignty from indigenous Europeans. I also show that demographic engineering through immigration is central to this project, and is motivated by Liberal economics and Leftist political interests. Through demographic and politically engineered cosmopolitanism, European nation-states are being transformed into open, multi-ethnic societies and European natives are being reduced to ethnic and political minorities within their own homelands. My research also demonstrates that the EU project and neoconservative foreign policies have opened Europe to wide-spread social and political problems associated with violent and non-violent forms of political Islam as well as Leftist-Third World alliances against European power structures and identities. These developments directly contribute to European decline and are creating the conditions for ethnic civil war in Europe. My thesis is that the EU cosmopolitan project, along with Neoconservatism, Islamism, and Third Worldism, are creating an adverse environment for native Europeans characterised by political marginalisation and demographic dispossession. I challenge these ideologies and agendas, and make the case that they violate various rights of native Europeans as well as international laws that prohibit genocide in any form.