An evaluation of product cruise methods for small woodlots

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University of New Brunswick


A study was done comparing product cruise methods that are available for use on small woodlots. Four cruise methods with associated volume calculating software were studied. The four methods were obtained from the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, The United States Department of Agriculture, Timmerline of Quebec, and Tom Anderson, a private contractor in New Brunswick. The study analysed the methods and tested two methods to determine the best overall system for a small landowner to use to evaluate a piece of property. Criterion for the evaluation were the cost of the volume calculation program and the cruise, the accuracy of the results and the methods used to evaluate the results, and the ease of implementation. The study found that the system using the Anderson cruising method, and a spreadsheet to calculate the volume of each product yields the best overall results; however, more testing should be done before any decisions are made based on the system. Key Words: Fixed area sampling, Hubers formula, point sampling, products, product cruise, and Smalians formula.