Ergonomic cockpit design for FSAE Car

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University of New Brunswick


This report contains the design solution proposal for the Formula SAE vehicle, including background information, project objectives, and desired outcomes. Furthermore, this report identifies the constraints and specifications provided by SAE rules. The design solution to the project was discussed in this report. The report includes some theories that are related to ergonomics and safety, as well as engineering design theories. 3D engineering models were designed for different components of the project. 2D drawings sheets were attached to the report. The construction process of each component was also discussed in this report. Finally, the budget of the project was calculated and discussed. The objective of this project is to design and build a new cockpit for the Formula SAE vehicle, whereas the overarching goal is to improve the overall safety and functionality of the existing design. Moreover, the new design will enhance the driving experience by optimizing the seat position. Safety components such as the cockpit shield and firewall will be used to increase the safety of the driver. The project was divided into three main components: seat, firewall, and cockpit shield. The cockpit shield was designed and built using aluminum and Lexan. The seat was built using fiberglass and resin. A wood mold seat was constructed to meet the design dimensions. When the mold is finished, fiberglass was coated on the mold to form the seat. When the seat is finished, the firewall was constructed using the seat.