The role of poplar in meeting future Canadian demands for wood

dc.contributor.authorFitton, Jack Melvyn
dc.description.abstractThe present position of the poplar resource with respect to Canada's Total forest resource is discussed the major merchanitable poplar zone is outlined. A review of the silvics of poplars is presented with emphasis on reproduction methods and poplars relative ease of reproduction. The physical characteristics of poplars are outlined and the current utilization of poplars is discussed. Reasons for the general lack of utilization of poplars are given. The current management practices of poplars in natural stands and in plantations of native species and poplar hybrids are discussed. The importance of developing intensive management techniques for poplar is emphasized as being important in making poplar an acceptable raw material for certain markets. The lack of management in the past is pointed out as a major reason for the present condition of the poplar resource. The future role of poplar is discussed with emphasis placed on management techniques geared to meet specific markets. It is concluded that poplar will be able to be utilized to a much greater degree if intensive management techniques are applied and answers to certain problems are found.
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dc.format.extentiv, 25 pages
dc.publisherUniversity of New Brunswick
dc.titleThe role of poplar in meeting future Canadian demands for wood
dc.typesenior report of Science in Forestry of New Brunswick