The development of a test method to determine the effects of freeze - thaw on creep of a reinforced concrete beam

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University of New Brunswick


The effects of freezing and thawing in a marine environment may lead to a significant amount of additional creep in reinforced concrete. Excessive creep can cause an increase in beam deflections and thus reducing the serviceability and life of the structure. Therefore the relationship between creep and freeze-thaw cycles must be determined. This project will consist of designing, constructing and testing a prototype model on reinforced concrete beams to evaluate their creep behaviour. In this senior report a testing apparatus is constructed to place beams back to back in third point loading. This testing apparatus was tested under controlled air and room temperature conditions to evaluate its performance and determine if it is suitable for testing in a simulated marine environment. Test measurements and experimental data will be evaluated and recommendations made concerning the feasibility of conducting a full scale testing program at an exposure site on Treat Island, Maine. The project is supervised by Dr. T.W. Bremner and Dr. P.H. Bischoff.