Welding quality assurance and plasma arc welding

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University of New Brunswick


Plasma arc welding can be applied in some applications of welding stainless steel as an alternative to welding with the gas tungsten arc welding process. A quality weldment however, must first be attained. Before using a new combination of welding variables a welding procedure specification must be written and testing carried out. Samples were fabricated using 1/8", 316L stainless steel pipe and plate and an E316LT-1 filler electrode. Difficulty was encountered in welding pipe samples, however experimentation with plate samples was successful. A rate of 10" per minute was achieved. Since weldments would be used in an industrial setting, all testing performed conformed to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers' ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. Four tension tests and four guided bend tests were performed with very good results. The Charpy Impact Tests energy values were also acceptable but some values for lateral expansion were not. Liquid penetrant and X-ray tests were also carried out with success.