Product specifications for marine information objects

dc.contributor.authorPacheco, Miguel
dc.description.abstractThe integration of environmental and navigation data (marine information) with chart data in the electronic chart display and information system is under development. Several authors have proposed additions to the International Hydrographic Organization's S-57 and S-52 standards to include marine information objects and to specify their representation on the display. But, no product specification have been developed to define the rules for encoding, transmission and storage of the data sets produced with these objects. The author proposed a "marine information objects" classification scheme based on their data provision (slow and fast marine information objects) as well as an approach for the generic development of S-57 product specifications. This approach is then used in the development of a slow marine information objects product specification that particularly addresses the sea surface temperature as an example of one of its eventual application profiles.
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dc.titleProduct specifications for marine information objects
dc.typesenior report