Investigation of a gravel bed arrester

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University of New Brunswick
This study determines the economic feasibility of developing a gravel bed arrester at a particular site in New Brunswick. A standard methodology does not exist to determine the economic justification of a gravel bed arrester. Therefore, heavy vehicle accident history at the grade of study was used to determine the feasibility of building a gravel bed arrester. The analysis was broken down into two components. The accident costs and the construction costs. The costs were then compared to decide the feasibility of constructing the facility. The heavy vehicle accident history for the past 15 years was examined, with the help of a questionnaire conducted with accident victims. The losses were estimated at $115,650 per year. The final design for the gravel bed arrester consists of a 325m long, 8m wide and 61cm deep arrester bed. The approach ramp consists of a 260m approach lane with a 120m taper, next to the travelled highway. The construction cost associated with these dimensions was estimated at $461,365. The economic feasibility of the gravel bed arrester was determined by comparing the accident losses to the construction cost. Dividing the construction cost of $461,365 by the accident losses of $115,650 per year yields a pay period of only four years. Therefore, the gravel bed arrester is feasible, paying itself within four (4) years of construction.