Filtration properties of forest road filter layers

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University of New Brunswick


Procter and Gamble Cellulose Limited of Grande Prairie, Alberta have experienced pumping problems in building roads over Gumbo clay. For this reason, small-scale laboratory tests were carried out to determine if this pumping problem could be prevented. Tests were performed using two geotextiles and a sand filter layer. The types of geotextiles used were Mirafi P500 woven polypropylene and Mirafi P350 nonwoven polyester. The sand used was obtained from the banks of the Wapiti River located on the Procter and Gamble Cellulose Limited limits. The testing procedure was to place each of the filter materials, in turn, between the Gumbo clay and the base material in a C.B.R. mould and to apply a dynamic load that simulated truck traffic . Comparison of the grain size distribution curve of the base material before and after the test was used to determine whether the filtering agent was successful in preventing pumping. The conclusions drawn from this study will be stated in the addendum to this report. Key Words: dynamic load, geotextiles, Gumbo clay, pumping, Wapiti sand filter