Design and fabrication of a reinforced concrete beam for evaluating fibre optic strain/temperature sensing

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University of New Brunswick


Fibre optic smart structures are load bearing entities that have an integrated optical sensing system that is used to evaluate stress or strain levels in the structure. This report is intended to give a engineering perspective of the physics involved in this system as well as providing a practical design for a tlexural test member to evaluate these techniques. Research in UNB's Physics department has produced a linear fibre sensor that is potentially capable of measuring strain at any point along its length. If this "distributed" sensor can be usefully implemented in conjunction with normal reinforced concrete design, the science of structural monitoring will be greatly enhanced. The reinforced concrete member produced as a result of this work has a three part continuous strain/temperature sensor that should be able to give good indications of the functionality of this new system for measuring compressive and tensile strains as well as temperature over a given length.