Design of weight for height standards for the New Brunswick Highland Games

dc.contributor.advisorHall, Joseph
dc.contributor.authorAlghamdi, Osama Ali
dc.contributor.authorBenson, Patrick Douglas
dc.contributor.authorClarke, Allan David
dc.description.abstractThe weight over bar activity is one of the highland games held in Fredericton annually. Equipment used for the game is rented for $300 per year. Designing and constructing the game equipment would cost about $700. The equipment must be safe and environmentally friendly. The sidebars’ length is 20 ft., the crossbar length is 12 ft. with an adjustable height from 8-20 ft. from the ground, and the equipment is easy to be assembled and transported by a regular truck. Material used in the design and construction is mainly Steel 300W with a yield strength of 300 MPa. A pulley system was used to adjust the height of the crossbar. Loads and stresses were analyzed to determine the proper dimensions of the structure components including welds and bolts. Design has been approved by our client dr. Hall and it is constructed in accordance to his approval.
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dc.subject.disciplineMechanical Engineering
dc.titleDesign of weight for height standards for the New Brunswick Highland Games
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