Constraints on the metamorphic evolution of the Fraser Range, Western Australia

dc.contributor.authorBovaird, Christine A.
dc.description.abstractA speculated collision between the Archaean Yilgarn Block and the Proterozoic Fraser Range is thought to have resulted in the formation of the Proterozoic Fraser Range Mobile Belt of Western Australia. Attempts at determining constraints on the metamorphic evolution of the mobil belt comprise geothermometric, geobarometric and compositional determinations combined with detailed petrographic analysis. A geological history for the Fraser Range Mobile Belt is proposed based upon the correlation of each of the above analytical methods. Proterozoic granulite facies rocks derived from remixed Archaean rocks were formed during the Proterozoic collision of the Yilgarn Block and the Fraser Range. Subsequent uplift and erosion resulted in a retrogression event as evidenced by relict granulite facies assemblages located at surface on the eastern flank of the Mobile Belt. Following a trend east to west across the Mobile Belt, lower grade mineral assemblages are noted with a corresponding decrease in pressure and temperature estimates. These estimates reflect post granulite facies crystallization of lower grade mineral phases as a result of retrogression.
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dc.titleConstraints on the metamorphic evolution of the Fraser Range, Western Australia
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