Frame idealization for perforated masonry walls

dc.contributor.advisorDawe, John
dc.contributor.advisorL., Dawe
dc.contributor.authorMcLeish, Kristin
dc.description.abstractThis report discusses the use of plane frame idealizations for the analysis of perforated shear walls. The relationships between the perforated masonry walls and the equivalent frames that simulate them are examined. T h e method is proven accurate for different wall shapes by comparing the results with those obtained from finite element analyses. T h e advantages of the method over the finite element method are discussed.
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dc.description.noteMcLeish, Kristin (1991). Frame idealization for perforated masonry walls . (Engineering Senior Report no. T-1533 1991). Fredericton : University of New Brunswick, Dept. of Civil Engineering T-1533 1991 1882/12602
dc.format.extentvi, 34 pages
dc.publisherUniversity of New Brunswick
dc.subject.disciplineCivil Engineering
dc.titleFrame idealization for perforated masonry walls
dc.typesenior report Engineering of Science in Engineering of New Brunswick