A systems design for managing workplace safety in Newfoundland forest operations

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University of New Brunswick


Forestry has long been recognized as one of the most dangerous industries to work in. In 1984, the Canadian forest industry experienced a rate of 161 lost time accidents per 1000 workers (Egan, 1998). SafetyNet is a research institute from Memorial University of Newfoundland interested in improving workplace safety in the Newfoundland forest industry. Phase 1 of the research involved identifying problem areas in the Newfoundland forest workplace. The crown corporations responsible for managing workplace safety in Canada are the workplace compensation boards. Each maritime province has a similarly structured compensation board with distinct individual attributes. The Newfoundland forest industry has unique issues that make managing workplace safety challenging. This report proposes a systems design for improving the management of workplace safety in the Newfoundland forest industry. A variety of sources have been examined including literature from compensation boards in the Atlantic Provinces, various journal articles pertaining to health and safety, and personal interviews of both personnel in the Newfoundland forest industry and the Newfoundland Provincial Government. Keywords: forestry, Newfoundland forest operations, workplace safety, SafetyNet