The field widening of a Michelson interferometer theory and observations

dc.contributor.authorLangille, Jeffery
dc.description.abstractCharacteristics that define a wide-angle Michelson interferometer (W AMI) are investigated and the properties that allow its use as an atmospheric spectral imager are identified. This is done while emphasizing the instrument/detector combination and the general problem of controlling the flow of light through an optical system. It is shown that each component is required in order to retrieve useful information from the interferometer. The instrument used for this project is the interferometer optics from the Mesospheric Imaging Michelson Interferometer (MIMI) which is a Doppler Michelson Interferometer (DMI). The theoretical model representing the expected intensity arriving at a detector is developed and an analysis of the extent of the field widening is carried out by developing an optical system to image the fringe pattern produced by the 632.8 nm (HE-NE laser) and 546.074 nm (mercury lamp) lines.
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dc.format.extentv, 87 pages
dc.publisherUniversity of New Brunswick
dc.titleThe field widening of a Michelson interferometer theory and observations
dc.typesenior report of Science in Physics of New Brunswick